Members-GaryCVVMA President: Gary Deschaine

U.S. Army/ Vietnam



CVVMA Vice President: Wayne Hillman

Members-WayneU.S. Army/ Vietnam




Members-BobCVVMA PRO & Media Relations: Bob Dominas

U. S. Army/ Vietnam



Members-KeithCVVMA Procurement: Keith Tracey

U.S. Army/ Germany



Joe SchooCVVMA Treasurer: Tom Miller

U.S. Army/ Korea



Skip DupuisCVVMA Member: Skip Dupuis

Royal Canadian Navy



Members-MikeCVVMA Member: Mike Soucie

U.S. Navy/ Vietnam



Bob Dominas, Skip Dupuis, Joe Schooley, Wayne Hillman, Tom Miller, Gary Deschaine, John Spezowka & Keith Tracey

At you will get to entertain yourself and the surviving Vietnam veterans as you commemorate the Canadians who helped fight the war in Vietnam.